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I am so grateful and “wowed”. Alan is kind, caring and made me feel comfortable expressing my problems and emotional pain. A long standing wound and negative mind-chatter was immediately healed….released. He believed in me, and worked until I believed in myself. It was truly a transformative experience. I am a different and better version of me thanks to Alan.

Terlyn N

I needed a straight line process, sometimes being reeled in. Working on my own issues I dissociate. With Alan he showed compassion without judgement. He listened. I was grateful for his desire to help me.

Mitch J

My two hour session yesterday was absolutely amazing. Not only did I release some old blocks and deep hurts but uncovered some deeply buried ones I wasnt even aware of. Alan was so wonderful and kind and I could tell that he really loves what he does and he really cares. Im on an amazing journey and he is helping to guide me through it. I cant thank him enough and am truely looking forward to my next session!!

Amy S

I had a session with Alan a few weeks ago and I can honestly say that my life has changed. the anxieties and hangups that were taking over my life have reduced and the quality of Life I am living now is one with more internal freedom and clarity. he has provided me with tools to deal with situations that in the past have given me delibitating fear. I feel a calm and peace for the first time in years. Alan is amazing. Highly recommended!

Enrico R