As I sit here reflecting on what to share that will hopefully be of service to you, I am struck by how much our personal stories and mind-chatter can get in the way of simply taking action.

The paragraph above is the result of literally typing what came to mind in the moment, versus what I was doing before which was staring at my computer and feeling insecure, overwhelmed, anxious etc. as a result of being preoccupied with insecure, overwhelm, anxious thoughts.

It was uncomfortable! But as soon as I started writing it fell away.

How many times a day do I get tangled up in that illusory web?

Funny, that all I needed to do was to start moving…

…and anywhere or anything that looks like a problem is precisely where it doesn’t look like an illusion.

But that’s how it works…100% of the time.

Creativity, joy,’s all right there, waiting for you.

It IS you

much love,