What can you possibly learn from a sick, bed-ridden wife and mother of two, a socially inept, alcoholic surfer dude, and a woman who lost three businesses and a house paying for therapy because of her abusive childhood?

Do Not Give Up On Your Dream Of Feeling Happy And Fulfilled Before Reading This!


Dear friend,

Our names are Heather McKean, Alan Combies, and Laura Worley. We are Transformational Professionals who have made it our life mission to help people flourish.

We have been given a gift…an understanding of the mind/body connection that has allowed us to overcome our share of hard-knocks, and we have a deep desire to share it with you.

We know what it’s like to worry ourselves sick, be haunted by our past, or wander through life feeling like a fake…working hard to look normal on the outside while feeling empty and lonely on the inside, yearning to feel connected to life.

All three of us have our own story of how we improved our lives and went from being a victim, to living a life on purpose…and all three of us have one thing in common, transformation.

What you are reading now is the next chapter of our stories…


Welcome to the Maui Mind Spa
Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.


We have created a multiple-day intensive dedicated to helping you transform your life through mind, body, and soul.

Who is this for?

Maui Mind Spa is perfect for individuals, friends, family, or corporate groups that are looking to take a week for themselves, get out of their normal routine, and address stress and emotional issues in their life…all while resting and rejuvenating with Yoga, meditation, and clean, healthy, farm-to-table meals.
Whether you have experienced a recent tragedy together or you want to heal old wounds and reconnect with those you love most, the Maui Mind Spa is a place for new beginnings.

Maui Mind Spa is a great way to meet and connect with new friends! If you would like to join an existing group, join our waiting list and we will inform you when a potential spot opens up.

Getting deep emotional work done individually and together can be one of the most profound transformational experiences you will ever experience as a couple.

Health and Wellness can have a powerful affect on a business’ bottom line. Productivity, morale, absenteeism, communication…all can be improved when we gain a deeper understanding of our mind and body.

Team Building
Nothing brings a team together like a group outing. Especially one designed to address stress and emotions. We have seen first hand how going on a healing journey together as a team can create deep, long-lasting bonds that naturally promote a teamwork.

Maui Mind Spa is a special retreat customized to your individual needs including specific days, length of stay, and number of people. It’s designed with a focus on five essential pillars that will help you flourish and thrive.


Pillar One: Rejuvenate

If we don’t allow the mind to slow down, the body begins to hurt. Rest, rejuvenate, and relax in a comfortable, soft bed with luxurious organic linens in your private room (or share a room with a friend) where you will have complimentary coffee, tea, purified and bottled water, mini-fridge, ceiling fan (no need for air-conditioning), wifi, Aveda bath products, and daily housekeeping and turn-down service. Plus…


  • Take a leisurely stroll through the organic gardens.
  • Lay by the pool and soak up the warm, tropical sun.
  • Let the gentle breeze whispering through the pine trees gently rock you to sleep in a hammock.
  • Allow your mind and body to gently let go of the useless chatter and you sit through our guided meditations.

Pillar Two: Nourishment

Often, when we are so busy and stressed out, one of the first things to suffer is our discernment for what we eat. In order to accelerate your transformation, we want to provide you with the proper fuel so that your energy and vitality will begin to soar!

  • A chef will be provided to prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your entire stay.
  • Healthy, fresh, organic, farm to table meals to excite your senses and satisfy your soul.
  • Special dietary request? No problem…let us know ahead of time and we will make arrangements for you.


Pillar Three: Movement


Our spirits are here to experience the physical world. A healthy balance between the psychological and the spiritual is a connection through movement and breath.


  • Daily (optional) yoga classes for all levels. Experienced teachers will guide you.
  • Group hiking to volcanoes, rain forests, beaches, or water falls.
  • Take a swim in the saline pool or a soak in the hot tub.

Pillar Four: Emotional Release

The heart of the retreat.

Without a doubt, the one thing that has made the biggest difference in our lives is our commitment to turn inward.

When we’re born we immediately begin to adopt to our environment in order to survive. We become indoctrinated into the culture of our environment and we begin to form beliefs about ourselves based on our memories and emotional experiences.

We then form our identity and idea of how the world works based on those beliefs.

Unfortunately, most of us are operating from an outside-in model of thinking that points to our circumstances, parents, spouses, or our past and then says, “that’s why I have these problems.”

We innocently behave as victims and hand over our power to outside events, places, and people, leaving us with a feeling of,

“I am not enough.”

The first step toward transformation is to uncover and intervene the habitual thoughts, traumatic experiences, and negative self-talk that are creating and supporting what you don’t want…

…turning you inward so that you can begin to recognize your innate wisdom and brilliance, because the world needs you to come alive and recognize that…

You Are More Than Enough!

This is what the three of us have committed our lives to, and now we are committing to help you…

…and we couldn’t think of a better place to do it than the healing Island of Maui.

  • Multiple, customized, personal one-on-one sessions with us.
  • Group talks to educate, meditate, and transform
  • BONUS – 3 follow-up sessions after the retreat.
  • BONUS – 6 months of group support through online monthly webinars.

Pillar Five: Connection

One of the biggest benefits to taking your healing journey is the deep feeling of love and connection you will cultivate.

Without a doubt, working through and releasing the baggage of your past and supporting others in their journey creates a bond like no other.

Our intention for this retreat is to meet new life-long friends and fellow travelers on this magical journey called life.

Life is a series of ups and downs, and when we join together, we offer support and comfort through the turbulence…and we have hope.

  • Meet new friends
  • Stay in contact after the retreat
  • Cultivate love, understanding, and compassion as you grow and transform together.
  • Perfect for team building
  • Strengthen relationships as a group


The Maui Mind Spa
Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

A retreat for you to receive deep, emotional, transformational work while relaxing, eating healthy, moving your body, and connecting with new friends…and to life!

Because this project is near and dear to our hearts, and we hope this to be the first of many, we are offering the Maui Mind Spa to you for a very special VIP rate that we are making available only for the first 10 people to book with us. Dates and space are LIMITED, so save your spot today!

(You don’t even have to worry about transportation…as soon as you land at the airport, we’ll be there to pick you up.)

6-Day All-Inclusive Transformational Retreat in Maui – $7500 $4995

Questions? Contact us today…

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Alan, Heather, and Laura



P.S. The VIP rate is only good for the first group that books with us. Dates (TBT) and space are LIMITED so contact us right away if you’re even considering this amazing opportunity so we can hold your spot.

About Your Hosts

Here’s what clients are saying about us…

“Alan came as a breath of fresh air, much needed in the midst of my (turns out) self-imposed worry and frenzy. After having indulged in days of anxiety, hearing Alan’s soothing and steady voice walking me through what really was going on, and how to manage it all, I felt instantly relieved, remembering the truth in the moment. Not so scary after all. Many thanks and kudos to Alan for his generosity and skill in helping me transform on the spot. Do yourself a favor and give him a call” – Kelly M.

“I had the pleasure of working with Laura a few months ago and it was truly an extraordinary experience.  I was really clear about the issue I was wanting to work on –  Limiting Money Beliefs that held a lot of shame for me.  It’s not that I had not worked on this issue before, it’s that I had not had a lot of positive growth in this area.  I think losing the sense of shame that was attached to the money beliefs gave me a sense of freedom I had never experienced before and as a result I’ve seen a difference in my income but more importantly in my confidence around money in general.  As a certified EFT Practitioner, choosing someone to work with was really important to me, I can say without hesitation not only will I would work with Laura again but would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is ready for a profound shift in their life.” –Julie

“I worked with Heather on one very specific memory for only a short time. Every year prior, on the anniversary of this event I would cry all day, grieve, feel worthless and replay every detail. It was terrible. It has now been more than two years and the last two anniversaries of the event, I have hardly thought about it. I will never forget the details or emotions I felt at that time but I don’t LIVE in them anymore! Heather was amazing, very sensitive to my feelings but so knowledgeable. It is not pleasant to relive that time in my life but so worth it to come out on the other side! She is exceptional at what she does and I would encourage anyone to give this a try!” -Kim, Ohio

“Alan is a kind, thorough and skillful soul who got to the root of my challenge. He really helped me to get to the core cause and heal so I can move forward in joy, confidence and peace of mind.” -Terlyn N.

Laura, thoroughly enjoyed my tapping sessions with you! I benefited in many ways, but the biggest healing that I had when I worked with you was healing from my rheumatoid arthritis. I have been arthritis free for over a year and a half now. My life could have been completely different if we weren’t able to overcome the last key to overcoming my illness. I did all the work to heal my body physically and needed that final healing of my mind to become completely whole again. What a huge accomplishment. Other things in my life became better shortly thereafter as well. You were creative, genuine, fun, persistent and diligent about staying with an issue until it was not emotional anymore. Thank you for your knowledge and your gifts that only you could give me!” –Alecia Fred

“I would totally do Faster EFT with Heather again! She helped me overcome my fear of flying in just one session. I had flown on airplanes since I was 6 years old with no problem. But two years before I met with Heather, we took a trip overseas and had really bad turbulence on the flight back. After that, I was anxious every time we had to fly. It got so bad that even things that felt SIMILAR to flying became scary to me — like driving across bridges or going up highway ramps. Just THINKING about flying made me anxious! But after just one session with Heather, the fear of flying went away. Right after our session, I took a trip that involved seven flights in two weeks. I was fine, even when we had turbulence! I totally recommend Heather and would do Faster EFT with her again!” -Lois, Virginia

“This is my second review for Alan after having two sessions with him in person. He is friendly and patient. I thought i would have difficulty talking to him about women’s issues, but he’s perfectly non-judgmental and I felt comfortable. Both my sessions were amazing. I’ve experienced clearing of things we didn’t even talk about. After literally spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in therapy, I finally feel I’m on my way to healing. “ -G.C.

“Laura is caring and generous, while at the same time, she can be tough as nails when it comes to working on core issues. She’s completely thorough, and makes the most of every session. Just what I needed! Thank you!” — Amber

“I found myself stuck with the problem of insomnia and it was interfering with my life and goals in a major way. I saw the amazing changes that my friend Heather made as a result of her faster EFT training and asked if she would work with me. After our session, I felt very good. This already was encouraging because I had previously been through counseling which left me pretty sad and tired after the visit. We had addressed some major emotional topics, yet I left feeling refreshed. More importantly, that night I slept better than I had in years, and the insomnia dissipated completely in a short amount of time. Because of this, I was able to realize my dreams and goals! How can I thank Heather and faster EFT enough? Now I utilize this skill in my everyday life and am able to handle stress and anxiety so much better.” -Cara, Scotland

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