As a certified level 4 Eutaptics Practitioner I highly recommend Alan Combies as a caring and spiritual life coach. As I was moving up through the Eutaptics training program, Alan patiently guided and coached me to recognize my internal challenges, ensuring I understood the underlying concepts, which led me to a state where I am at peace and in control of my emotions. Not to say I had a “spiritual awakening “ but Now i feel and relate to others in a much more positive and healthy way. I recommend Alan as a mentor and life coach to help you achieve emotional freedom.

Robert Sanders

Personal Transformational Life Coach and FasterEFT Practitione

I’m still speechless. Alan is such a beacon of life and authenticity. His ability to be ‘in the moment’ with me through deep pain and guiding me to truth is priceless. I will forever be grateful Alan came into my life and he is a role model for me.

Carolyn Miller

FasterEFT Practitioner and Marketing Consultant

Alan truly cares for people, that is one of the first things that sets him apart. That’s not the only thing though. He understands how the mind works and how to make changes. He knows how we create our problems and the way to create solutions because he’s worked through his own. His transparency and honesty is refreshing and allows you to be vulnerable while feeling completely safe. I’m grateful for his thoughtful guidance and example.
Nicola Vitkovitch

FasterEFT Practitioner, Faster Changes

I have been working with Alan for 2 months now. Starting out in the mentorship program I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but was eager to get started. Time spent with Alan has exceeded my expectations by far and I’m I’m not just growing professionally, but personally. The shifts I’ve experienced and the walls that have crumbled down around me are truly hard to believe. His gentle honesty and compassionate manner have impacted me greatly. I would recommend working with Alan to everyone.
Phyllis McDonald-Mattie

FasterEFT Practitioner

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