One of the important concepts in FasterEFT/Eutaptics is that of the imprint.

Having a deeper understanding of what an imprint is and how it creates your current experience can be a major step in you having a more pleasant experience of life.

What is an imprint?

Throughout our lives we have experiences, some of which we like and others we dislike. The emotion of like or dislike acts as a kind of glue that cements the imprint in our mind.

Depending on the emotion, we either want to keep the imprint or we attempt to resist it. Either way the emotion keeps it in place.

Then, as we experience life unfolding we see things that remind us of the imprints we want to resist and we react as if the original experience was happening again.

We may also be so afraid of repeating the experience that we constantly look out for it, thus holding it in our mind by repeating and rehearsing it mentally over and over again.

If the imprint is something that we like, we then try and hold onto and keep it, which ultimately leads to disappointment when life doesn’t give us what we want. This is why change can be so uncomfortable for most of us.

We create a very narrow set of rules as to how we believe life should go, and then get terribly upset when life and other people don’t play the game the by those rules.

How can Tapping help?

Tapping is an understanding and a technique that is designed to help you release and let go of your imprints.​​​​​​​

Letting go of personal preference and stepping into the flow of life is the key.

Fortunately, your imprints are letting you know they want to be released.

Every time you notice that nagging voice in your head, feel that uncomfortable feeling, or see that picture in your mind, that is the imprint letting you know it wants to be released, processed, transcended, free.

Tap, release, and let go.

Eutaptics training says that we should then create a new more positive imprint. However, I believe that looking for love, understanding, forgiveness, and gratitude is always the best.

Look for gratitude…you get to experience life from your unique standpoint. Nobody else on the planet ever, past, present, or future will have your unique experiences. How amazing is that! Notice your triggers which are your imprints wanting to be released, tap, release and let go, and step into love, compassion, and awe.

with love, Alan