Early Sunday morning I dropped my wonderful partner off at the airport.

She’s going to New York for a week before heading over to Seattle where she will be staying for the next 4 months while I will be here in Los Angeles.

She is an actress, and does a lot of work in theater.

Since we’ve been together, her work has taken her to Phoenix, San Diego, Louisville, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle…usually for months at a time.

Often, when people hear about our experience they say things like, “oh, that must be tough.”

It’s not uncommon for her other actor friends to ask, “How is Alan doing with you being gone so much?”

Now, I certainly understand where they are coming from, and I must say that there are tough times and I definitely do miss her. However, I do not share our well-meaning friends anxieties.


Because I have tamed the trance monkey.

What??? (I hear you asking…)

What is a Trance Monkey?

Where did your mind go when you read about my relationship? Did you begin to form an opinion? Did you create a story in your head? Did you put yourself in our situation?

That voice you heard, the pictures you made up, the story you told yourself…all of it. That’s your trance monkey.

Trance is nothing more than going inside your head and feeling something as if it were real.

The trance monkey’s job is to keep you away from what it perceives as physical and emotional pain. It’s trying to keep you safe.

The problem is, it tends to be a little over protective.

The trance monkey will make up a story about the future. It will hold on to memories and link them up to anything that it deems as similar and unsafe, without much discernment.

Heck, even if someone disagrees with you or looks at you funny, the trance monkey can go to work.

And if we are not aware of the trance monkey, we will blindly go forth and react based on the assumption that what the trance monkey is telling us is true.

But here’s the thing…the trance monkey is almost always full of sh#t.

It will say things like…

Don’t speak in public!

Don’t ask that guy/girl out!

Don’t ask for that raise!

You’re too tall, short, fat, skinny, not smart enough/good enough, blah blah blah…

…and we fall for it. We accept it as reality.

But here’s the thing…it’s not reality.

The reality is…you are not the trance monkey.

You are the one who can become aware of the trance monkey.

And when you begin to become more aware, you open yourself up to more clarity and insight. You can see more options and make new decisions. You become more flexible and empowered.

So, I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have such a talented partner who has the courage to follow her dreams. Our time apart has ultimately brought us closer together and I love rendezvousing with her all over the country. Plus, she loves that I help people for a living and understands the fact that my business often takes me away as well. Bottom line is, we are both overjoyed that we get to do what we love.

I certainly love what I do.

I love helping people address the emotional traumas that are holding them prisoner.

I especially love working with people who are ready to finally make the changes, to commit to a happier, more full-filling life.

That’s why, coming up this May, I will be joining Laura Worley and Heather McKean on the Island of Maui to take 10 people on a healing journey of a life time.
It’s an opportunity for you to finally take a stand and make the life changes you desire.

A 5-day coaching intensive with 3 of the most experienced FEFT practitioners in the world…

…and in between your sessions you will be able to integrate and unwind with…

Healthy, clean meals
Yoga for all levels
Walks in the gardens or on the beach
Naps in the hammocks among the trees
Group meditation and hypnosis sessions
Plus lodging and transportation
It’s all included.