***PLEASE NOTE: The dates I mention near the end of this video are from previous groups. All other info is still relevant 🙂

Practitioner Mentorship and Mastermind with Alan Combies

What it is…

  • Mentorship – 3 months of personalized one-on-one coaching (3 sessions/month for 3 months = 9 sessions)
  • Mastermind – Group calls for ongoing support for life! (or as long as I keep going!)
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Active Facebook Group for communication and support (lifetime membership)
  • Hours with an Upper Level Practitioner that count for your certification advancement

What it will do for you…

  • Get clear and focused about how to address your old programs
  • Gain a deeper understanding of FEFT tools and techniques so you can have a powerful impact on your clients
  • New perspective on your strengths and how to market your practice
  • A deeper understanding of the principles behind FEFT
  • A new relationship with stress and emotions so that you can live your life with more clarity, insight, and creativity

Choose Your Payment Option

One Payment


3-Pay Option


Here Is What Past Members Have Said…

Session Impressions

As a certified level 4 Eutaptics Practitioner I highly recommend Alan Combies as a caring and spiritual life coach. As I was moving up through the Eutaptics training program, Alan patiently guided and coached me to recognize my internal challenges, ensuring I understood the underlying concepts, which led me to a state where I am at peace and in control of my emotions. Not to say I had a “spiritual awakening “ but Now i feel and relate to others in a much more positive and healthy way. I recommend Alan as a mentor and life coach to help you achieve emotional freedom.

Robert Sanders

FasterEFT Practitioner

Eutaptics Mentorship

I have had the privilege of working with Alan Combies and I have to say it’s been one of the most transformational experiences of my life. I did his Mentorship Program and it just isn’t about becoming a better Practitioner, but it’s about living your best life. He taught me the value of reflection and vulnerability, and helped me harness the ability to become aware of the true ebb and flow of life’s journey. That sometimes silence and transparency is all that is needed to truly connect with another human being. He doesn’t sugar coat anything but his delivery is always tactful and filled with compassion. If you ever get an opportunity to watch his videos, read a blog , or work with him, I would advise you to jump at the chance. I am forever changed and grateful to Alan for all I have learned about myself through him. It’s an honour to call him my friend and mentor. 

Phyllis McDonald-Mattie

Transformational Life Coach, FasterEFT Practitioner

Such caring – such a wealth of experience

Alan truly cares for people, that is one of the first things that sets him apart. That’s not the only thing though. He understands how the mind works and how to make changes. He knows how we create our problems and the way to create solutions because he’s worked through his own. His transparency and honesty is refreshing and allows you to be vulnerable while feeling completely safe. I’m grateful for his thoughtful guidance and example.

Nicola Vitkovitch

FasterEFT Practitioner, Faster Changes

Words are inadequate

I’m still speechless. Alan is such a beacon of life and authenticity. His ability to be ‘in the moment’ with me through deep pain and guiding me to truth is priceless. I will forever be grateful Alan came into my life and he is a role model for me.

Carolyn Miller

FasterEFT Practitioner and Marketing Consultant

Words can’t describe depth of Alan’s presence

Thank you Alan for your guidance and mentoring. You have been such a supporting and wise presence along my path!! Because of you I feel I am so much better FasterEFT Practitioner and would recommend you to everyone who really wants to upgrade their skills in their own life and working with clients in helping them reach their goals! ! I am proud and honored to be your student.

Milena Grozdanic

FasterEFT Practitioner

Brilliant mind and so kind

Recently I had a couple of sessions with Alan and I must say, it was profound help and fun at the same time. I felt completely safe, he’s kind and understanding and it was easy for me to open up and talk about my emotions. For instance we flipped my anxiety about talking in English, which is not my first language, in no time. Alan is so appreciative and uplifting, he seems to be connected on a deeper level, so he often knew what the problem was even before I told him. I highly recommend him.

Yvonne Ackermann-Masfelder

FasterEFT Practitioner

Brilliant mind and so kind extended

I first saw Alan on an online supporting group for (new)L1 practitioners and was impressed by his wise, down to earth interveniences and peaceful appearance. I hoped to connect with him one day and 2 months ago, joined his mentor group. Alan is a great mentor and gifted master practitioner. He’s helped me with accepting my body completely. When I look in the mirror, I now smile and know that I Am a complete human being! I highly recommend working with Alan as a mentor and practitioner!

Sara Prové

School Teacher and FasterEFT Practitioner