FasterEFT Practitioner Masterclass

If you are a practitioner chances are you may have found yourself occasionally wishing you had more ongoing support. A network or group of people that you could bounce ideas off of and ask the burning questions your looking for answers to.

If this is you read on…

In my experience, anytime I wanted to advance my skill set I recognized that I had to give myself a steady feed of positive, educational information.

The alternative is falling back into our insecure thinking…worrying that we are not good enough and doubting our abilities.

Of course, I’ve been there, and that’s why I’ve created a new program…

The FasterEFT Practitioner Masterclass

This is not just a one-off webinar. It’s an in-depth 6 week course where we will dive deep into the skills and techniques that will help you become an elite practitioner with the confidence and flexibility to handle whatever comes your way.

Here is just a taste of what we will cover in this special 6 week course…

  • An in-depth look at the Essential FasterEFT skills. Knowing the ‘how’ is one thing. Going deep into the ‘why’ and ‘when’ of basic techniques will help you become more efficient in your sessions.
  • The structure of a FasterEFT session. I will pull back the curtain and reveal to you everything I do to set myself up for results in all of my one-on-one sessions.
  • Hypnotic language. How to use your language to guide the client to the answers they already have inside of them.
  • Advanced FasterEFT techniques and skills. Once we build the foundation for you it will be time to take it up a notch with advanced techniques that will help you gan more confidence and flexibility in your sessions.

This will be an online class meeting once a week for about 90 minutes per session. All for $250.

Special Bonus…

  • Downloadable recording of each session so that you can view them anything you like and learn at your convenience.
  • Live Q & A with each session.
  • A special Members Only Facebook Group where you can get ongoing support.
  • Bonus Module on how to Market YOU.

This training is very exclusive and space is limited, so it is for that reason that admission to this training is by application only.

Click the “Apply” button to begin the process. I look forward to working with you!