There is a common idea that I see many practitioners basing their work on.

It’s the idea that most of our problems can be traced back to one memory or childhood event.

The theory is that if you can do enough digging and get to this ‘core’ memory, you can then address the memory, change it, flip it, and all of your problems associated to that core memory will vanish.

FasterEFT is an amazing tool for addressing stress.

When we understand what stress is and how we create it, that it never comes from outside of us, and that it is created from our perception and interpretation of our experiences (both current and remembered), we are better equipped to ‘tap out’ our problems.

However, anytime we point to something…anything else that is outside of ourselves and the current moment, we are entering the realm of victimhood and handing over our power.

The past does not exist. The future does not exist. In whatever way you create your problem, you are always doing it in real time…in the moment.

It is true that how we think and act today is influenced by all of our life experiences to date. But all of those memories are neutral. What makes them good or bad is our perception.

In essence, it’s whether we praise and adore our memories or we judge and condemn.

Where I see many people get tripped up is that they point to their past, some unknown ‘core’ memory, and say, “that is why I’m so screwed up”.

They hand over their power and become a victim of their past.

FasterEFT is an empowerment tool. It’s teachings and understandings are meant to educate the client and help them gain insight by releasing the stress response and reframing the troubled memories.

Deepening our awareness and understanding that our problems are a result of the fact that we are always feeling the energy of thought in the moment, and not the result of any person, place, or thing outside of ourselves, is the key to emotional resiliency and empowerment.