One of the things that I have found that keeps people in a feeling of being stuck is the idea or belief that they don’t know where there problems are coming from.

Often times they say that they have tried this and they’ve tried that but nothing seems to work.

Indeed, there have been times when I have felt this way too.

The curious thing is, the fact that we recognize when we’re experiencing a problem means that we are recognizing it’s source.

Think about it…if you were not experiencing some kind of feeling, sensation, or emotion, how would you recognize that you have a problem?

Feelings can only come from one place…your thinking. Your feelings and thoughts are two sides of the same coin.

I believe that when we have blind spots, it is a sign that we are running from or avoiding the source of our pain…we are resisting.

The way it looks to me is that through pausing and self-reflection…sitting with the feelings, exploring them…that is when the answers will begin to show up.

You will then become conscious of the thoughts, and from this space you can notice them, accept them, make peace with them.

The alternative would be to continue to resist, which only creates more problems and challenges. More feelings of being stuck. Remember: What you resist persists.

Follow the feeling, address the thinking, and as you drop into the reality that what you are feeling is only just a result of what you are thinking in that moment, your chances of being more open to clarity, peace of mind and insight increases dramatically.

“Achieving mental stability is a matter of finding healthy thoughts from moment to moment. Such thoughts can be light years or a second away.” -Sydney Banks